Empowering Bicycling
One Revolution at a Time

Our Mission

Pedal Movement™ is a bicycle services and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program provider, filling the gap between retail, non-profit, and government efforts. Pedal Movement encourages people to use active transportation by providing support programs and services to make that decision as safe, healthy, and sustainable as possible.

Our Vision

To enable the city of Long Beach’s goal of becoming the most bicycle friendly city in America by achieving Bicycle Friendly Communities Platinum Status from the League of American Bicyclists and ranked within the top 5 cities in America from nationally recognized publications.

Long Beach Bicycle Map

The City of Long Beach has produced a downloadable map of bicycle paths.

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From a Grassroots Movement
To a Bicycling Revolution

About Pedal Movement

Pedal Movement began as a grassroots community group in late 2008. Taking its inspiration from the dynamic culture of bicycling enthusiasts in Long Beach, the troop soon hosted weekly group rides and monthly outreach meetings. Cued by these initial brainstorming sessions, Pedal Movement founded Long Beach’s first bicycle collective in 2010, naming it The HUB Community Bike Center. After key improvements to leadership and unification with a strong ally, Pedal Movement became an LLC in 2016. Today, Pedal Movement offers a definitive range of professional bicycle services including Event Planning, Project Direction, Facilities Management, and professional staffing through Leased Workforce Management. Truly, Pedal Movement remains true to its motto: “One Revolution at a Time”.

Pedal Movement enlists work from a broad network of trained safety specialists, certified mechanics, and expert consultants to develop and implement service, education, and TDM programs throughout Southern California. Through innovative business to business offerings, Pedal Movement creates programs that inspire urban communities to use their bicycles to engage more intimately with their local neighborhoods.

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