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We at Pedal Movement support not only Greener, Simpler, and Cleaner methods of transportation, we support the life-change that occurs through the adoption of a slower pace of life. Through exercise, education, and compassionate consumer practices, urban centers become friendlier, people-powered places to live.

In its many cycles, Pedal Movement has supported practices in the city of Long Beach that have made riding a bicycle safer and easier to do. A city cannot simply paint stripes and print posters to become bike friendly, its culture must adapt. Even through an intensive media campaign and bike-centered events, a population cannot be forced to undergo a paradigm shift. These are the seeds that can be planted, though, and the city of Long Beach has sown many.

As Long Beach seeks to build a vibrant cycling community utop the infrastructure it has laid over the past five years, it finds that many of the old souls who braved the trenches and fought on the front line of bicycle advocacy have progressed, and many of the old positions lie vacant. A new generation has grown up on bicycles though, and policies must be tailored to empower them.

Pedal Movement encourages creativity and self motivation. Anyone who has drive, motivation, and owns their destiny, has a stock in the movement. Through simple, direct offerings, tailored to the client and run independently by bicycle-industry professionals, Pedal Movement offers unique and innovative options to any community that seeks to serve its green initiatives.

Long Beach is Bike Friendly.
Friendliness is Fun.
Pedal Movement is Here to Help.

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September — After a long hiatus, Pedal Movement returns to offer a valet and maintenance booth to the patrons of the Harbor Area Farmers Market at the Marina in Long Beach. Each Sunday, shoppers who ride their bicycles receive complimentary service and secure parking from trained mechanics.

Fall — Pedal Movement provides monthly safety and maintenance clinics to the students of Hughes Middle School. It offers a contest to students, challenging them to ride their bicycles to school and offering t-shirts and hats to the most frequent riders.

April — Pedal Movement founds the first (and only) bicycle cooperative in Long Beach history, the HUB. Its location is donated by a private art school, Hancock University, and its grand opening draws hundreds. At the HUB, patrons find all the tools and amenities one would find at a bicycle shop, but pay only $6 an hour to rent them or participate in a volunteer time-trade payment plan.

May — Pedal Movement organizes and manages the Recycle Your Bicycle Program, funded by a grant from Waste Management. Bicycles donated by the Long Beach community are refurbished at The HUB, and redistributed to cyclists in need in the community.

July — Pedal Movement adds another night to its night-time saloon services. Thirsty Thursdays, another weekly night for bicycle service, is offered at The Stache in Long Beach.

October — Pedal Movement teams up with MashAFix to organize a Critical Mass ride and Halloween Party at The HUB. Dozens of cyclists arrive, wearing costumes and enjoying the weather. Their ride is stopped short though, when Long Beach Police issue dozens of citations and impound more than twenty bicycles.

November — Pedal Movement offers yet another night for bike service, this time at an all-ages venue. Bike Night comes to DiPiazza's on Wednesdays. Bike riders receive free entry, free maintenance, and $1 for their first beer or slice of pizza.

December — Pedal Movement organizes against the profiling of cyclists and calls for the removal of an antiquated and ineffective registration law.

February — Pedal Movement founds a unique event, bringing service and maintenance to a locally famous dive bar on 4th St, Fern's Cocktails. Patrons are encouraged to ride their bicycle instead of their car and receive complimentary services while they enjoy their beverages.

April — Pedal Movement participates in Long Beach City College's Earth Day Fair, offering complimentary tune-ups and a bicycle photobooth.

April — Pedal Movement holds a booth at Green Long Beach's first annual Green Fest, where it provides free tune-ups and a bicycle photobooth.

June — Pedal Movement becomes part of the Catalyst Network of Communities. Under the umbrella of Catalyst Inc's 501-c3, it becomes a non-profit cycling advocacy group.

Summer — Pedal Movement holds monthly meetings for the cycling community in Long Beach and participates regularly in meetings for Long Beach Cyclists, another advocacy group in Long Beach. Its intention is to read the pulse of the cycling community in Long Beach, in order to better provide services that will aide them.

Fall — Pedal Movement, with the help of Joshua Cole, founds the first (and only) bicycle polo team in Long Beach history, the Long Beach Knights. It practices at Whaley Park and draws dozens of young men and women to play in the 3 x 3 games. It would later go on to compete in a tournament in Los Angeles.

October — Pedal Movement is founded as a social networking site on the Ning platform. Its users met other cyclists in the area and use the network to plan meetups and rides.

November — Pedal Movement's first weekly ride Sandy Sundays is started. It later draws dozens of young cyclists who ride, play games, and practice some of the first freestyle tricks invented for the fixed gear bicycle.