Bicycle Services

Pedal Movement offers a variety of community and corporate services. Our clients range from city governments to large corporations, small business to individuals. Our connection to the spectrum of the bicycle community builds a network of resources across the city. Our programs are designed to engage, promote, and support bicyclists both new and old.

Event Services

Pedal Movement can plan, organize, coordinate, and staff a variety of community, bicycle, and sustainability events. We offer multiple services to reduce parking impact, increase turnout, and take your event to the next level!

Service Offerings:

  • Event Planning
  • Event Management
  • Bicycle Valet
  • Bicycle Repair Pop-Up
  • Event Fleet Rental
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Leased Workforce Management

Pedal Movement enlists a trained and certified workforce of professional bicycle mechanics, retail specialists, and industry consultants to help any bicycle shop move from “Mom & Pop” to exclusive boutique within months. Don’t hassle with high staff turnover, paid training, sick calls, or workers comp. Don’t hire your own employees, save overhead by hiring Pedal Movement for Leased Workforce Management.

All Pedal Movement Leased Employees are trained, certified, and insured. All workers comp complaints, sick calls, training, and experience are covered by Pedal Movement’s professional Workforce Management program.

  • Pedal Movement offers both long-term Leased Workers and temporary Independent Staffing
  • Costs cover a variety of services required at any bicycle business or event. Drop us a line for info and availability!

Staff Selection:

  • Uniformed Bicycle Worker
  • Bicycle Technician
  • Bicycle Specialists
  • Bicycle Master Tech
  • Bicycle Retail Supervisor
  • Bicycle Retail Admin Support
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Corporate Services

Solve parking and transportation problems while supporting a happy, healthy workforce. Gain positive PR from promoting sustainable initiatives and earn your business a Green Leaf Certification from GLES. Hire Pedal Movement to handle the hard work of management and logistics so your company can stick to your business model and increase your returns!

Service Options:

  • Project Direction
  • Facilities Management
  • Bicycle Fleet Rental and Management
  • TDM and Retail Consulting
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Fleet Services

Give your fleet the treatment it deserves, and watch its usage increase up to 50%. Pedal Movement offers two programs to help bicycle fleets of any size stay at peak performance. Whether for maintenance or management programs, Pedal Movement will arrive with all the tools required to finish any job.

Fleet Maintenance

  • Minimum 5 bikes
  • Parts and installations not included

Fleet Management

  • Minimum 5 bikes
  • Minimum 1 yr contract
  • Price includes monthly worn part replacement

Inquire for personalized fleet maintenance pricing and availability!

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Community Outreach

Pedal Movement’s mission is to fill the gap between the bicycle community and the businesses and organizations that support them. To meet these goals, Pedal Movement provides training, support programs, and business and network opportunities. Advocating bicycle use isn’t just about bike lanes. Pedal Movement believes that true bicycle advocates campaign for bicycling jobs, defend the rights of bicyclists, and respond to community interest.

Current Projects:

  • Elementary School Bike/Ped Safety Classes
  • Host Community Events, and Meetings
  • Job Training and Skills Development
  • Moonlight Mash Monthly Community Ride
  • Advocacy
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Education Services

Pedal Movement provides exclusive training for all levels of bicycle use. Whether kids or adults, safety or maintenance, our classes make bicycling easy. Education has been shown to increase rider safety, boost bicycle transit, develop job training, and promote health and wellness!

Courses include:

  • Introductory Bicycle Workshops
  • Low Cost Bicycle Specialty Courses
  • Technical Certification Courses and Job Training
  • Bicycle Industry Seminars
  • Livability Rides


  • Safety
  • Livability
  • Maintenance
  • Industry
  • Advocacy
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