Bicycle Valet & Service Station

Pedal Movement offers ways not only to increase the number of bicycle commuters, reduce automobile traffic and parking impact, and keep bikes from becoming a nuisance by endangering pedestrians.

With approximately 600 sq feet (or about the size of four parking spaces), Pedal Movement can establish a “pop-up” bicycle valet and service station that can park upwards of 50 bicycles. Market patrons who ride their bicycles instead of drive may drop off their bikes and receive a claim check for pick-up once they are finished shopping.

While they shop, market patrons will have their bikes securely parked and monitored, and every bicycle will be given a mandatory service inspection. The ABCDs (air, brakes, chain, and derailleurs) of each bicycle will be checked and adjusted free of charge. Through regular trips to the Farmers Market, and stopping by the Bike Valet & Service Station, most patrons will never have to travel to the bike shop to get that expensive tune-up they’ve been avoiding for one too many months.


  • Up to 30 bicycles logged, $25/hour
  • Up to 50 bicycles logged, $30/hour
  • Up to 100 bicycles logged, $35/hour
  • Over 100 bicycles logged, $45/hour AND UP

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Planning an event for a community with an active lifestyle? Want to get your neighborhood to get fit? Pedal Movement can create a bicycle safety, maintenance, and training class to fit your lifestyle.

Is Traffic Jamming up your Morning Bells? Want to get your students out of the car and into a healthier way to get to school? Pedal Movement can provide a healthy alternative to their short drives to school.

Through easy to understand education in bicycle safety and maintenance, Pedal Movement will encourage a community to live an active lifestyle and empower them to make healthy and independent choices in transportation.

Classes are offered on a solo or monthly basis, and a full curriculum of Safety and Maintenance courses is available. Classes are available for any range of rider, from Kindergarten to Over the Hill, and are tailored to fit our Clients specific needs and requests.

There’s no better way to get your community riding!


  • $100 per class
  • $500 per 6 month course

We are happy to tailor an event to your community’s needs.

Call for specific requests.


Is the worst part about riding your bicycle the constant maintenance? Is the worst part about bicycle maintenance lugging it to a shop that has a slow turnover and will probably overcharge you? Get out of the vicious cycle and get yourself into a routine of regular maintenance!

Our trained technicians won’t be rushed by a dozen other bicycles waiting for their tune-ups and will take a personal interest in you and your favorite ride’s needs. With simple tune-up package pricing, affordable rates, and door to door delivery, there’s no reason you should have to leave your house except to get some riding done!


  • Basic - $60
  • Deluxe - $120

Free Delivery

Call for pricing on all other services.


Pedal Movement also provides service programs for bicycle fleets. Keep all your rental or service bicycles in their peak performance at a price any business can afford.

Contact Pedal Movement or call (562)-756-5753 for pricing and availability